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Head of Human Resources
Terrena Meunerie


"How enriching it is to manage human resources in our company where our millers are passionate about their job and share this passion with all the teams ! Today we work with noble materials and each of us is proud to contribute at our level to good, healthy products for our families’ consumption. It is our ambition that every employee finds his or her place in the organisation, playing a role in and contributing to the realisation of our great corporate vision. To this end, we share core values that form the basis of our company culture and which guide our actions day in, day out.”

5 Good reasons

for joining Terrena Meunerie


Choose a company with human values

Key principles, which guide our corporate and managerial policies :

  • Respect and consideration
  • Customer culture
  • Commitments and social responsibility
  • Creation of long-term value

Enrich your skills

Develop your professional expertise with training leading to a diploma or certificate, such as the professional ‘grain processing facility operator’ qualification delivered by our in-house instructors and recognised throughout the industry.


Manage your career

In joining TM, a subsidiary of TERRENA with nearly 13,000 staff, you have the opportunity to develop in a wide variety of fields, and will enjoy many gateways for inter-professional career moves.


Be part of a company committed to sustainability

Embrace a corporate vision which places people and nature at the heart of its concerns, by fostering equal opportunities and individual fulfilment.


Work in a caring professional environment

Safety at work is one of our priorities. Since it is our duty to protect our employees and preserve their health, we strive everyday to provide a safe and caring environment; according to employees, this contributes greatly to creating well-being at work.

Index Egalité Homme-femme Terrena Meunerie 2019

Index de l’égalité Homme-femme:

La Loi sur la « Liberté de choisir son avenir professionnel » du 05/09/2018 a pour ambition de promouvoir l’égalité professionnelle entre les femmes et les hommes, notamment en créant un index de l’égalité.

Pour Terrena Meunerie, cet index est composé de 4 indicateurs, notés sur 100  : écart de rémunération F/H, écart de répartition des augmentations individuelles F/H, taux de salariées augmentées à leur retour de congé maternité et répartition sexuée des dix salariés ayant les plus hautes rémunérations.

Nos actions en faveur de l’égalité F/H nous permettent pour 2019 d’obtenir la note de 89/100 et nous encouragent à poursuivre nos efforts en matière de mixité professionnelle.

Plus d'information sur le site du ministère de l'intérieur :

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