Terrena Meunerie

Terrena Meunerie is the story of a group of people driven by a passion for milling. Since 1840, these men and women have been united around a shared set of principles and vision – to turn quality raw materials into healthy and delicious flours, produced in a socially and environmentally responsible way.


Through its link with the Terrena cooperative, which ensures traceability from farmer to consumer, Terrena Meunerie is committed to enhancing quality across the entire industry, with a constant customer focus.

A story of people, since the start


Family flour mills began to develop...

1840 - 1850

Creation of the Boiron, Breteau, Drouet, Lerat and Sauvestre flour mills.


Founding of Moulins de Faymoreau.

Ties between mills were built...


9 Millers grouped together within the entity GIE LIVRAC, to boost business.


Creation of Moulins Evelia, following the merging of various family businesses of the new Terrena cooperative.


Moulins Evélia renamed Terrena Meunerie, which today comprises eight mills and one R&D centre.

Des produits de qualité

Quality products and innovative approaches began to emerge


Production of the first organic flours by the Lerat flour mill, nowadays producer of the Melbio brand and a leader in the organic flour segment.


Launch of the new farming approach "La Nouvelle Agriculture®".


4 major brands and hundreds of products form the basis of Terrena Meunerie’s success in France and abroad.

Alexis Flippo
Alexis FLIPO

Managing Director

Terrena Meunerie

Long-standing people-centred values

… Which are still a key driver today, as explains Alexis Flipo, Managing Director Terrena Meunerie.

Our Mission?

To produce flours grown by our network of sustainable farming businesses in order to make natural, innovative and technologically advanced ingredients for the production of healthy food.

Our Approach?

Respect for people and close relationships with partners : We discuss and share ideas to develop new concepts together, and restore meaning to the food people eat today.

Our mission for now and in the future is to continue developing flours that are grown locally with a sustainable approach like La Nouvelle Agriculture®, as well as certified organic flours, catering for the needs all of our customers and consumers.

« What a pleasure and what an honour it is for all of our committed employees to see our products all over France and the world. »

A Performance Generating Culture




largest French operator

291 500


of grinding capacity


222 600


of wheat ground (50% from Terrena farmers) for 175,576 tonnes of finished flour



in sales in 2019

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R&D centre (INVEJA)

Laboratoire de R&D


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