International Market

French-made flours and special support for guaranteed differentiation in your market.


Terrena Meunerie has always exported its 100% French-made flours. When you choose to work with flours made by Terrena Meunerie, you benefit from :

  • The excellent reputation of the French boulangerie and pâtisserie world,
  • Unique and internationally recognised expertise, shared during training sessions at our experimental bakery,
  • An extensive range of products combining traditional French techniques with the custom features required by each of our clients.
Les collaborateurs Terrena

Strong logistics expertise and local services

Our flexible and responsive export entity handles all transit and customs operations, whatever the tonnage or destination of your order. The distance between us does not prevent us from providing you with close support. Since the start, we have given our international customers access to :

  • Mobile consultant bakers providing the necessary technical assistance,
  • Experts specialised in adapting products to the local market, be it in terms of recipe, packaging, or anything else

Our geographical situation is also a significant advantage – our mills are located close to the port of Montoir de Bretagne on the Atlantic seaboard.

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