Naturally nourishing for the well-being of all

Making organic products means considering every aspect of farming and seeking to achieve harmony between them. From the crops and the people that grow them, to the mills that process them and to you the baker that use these processed products, or your end customers who eat them, it is our mutual desire to find a balance that can satisfy all.

That is the battle of MELBIO, our premium organic brand which is controlled and certified by the organic certification body ECOCERT®.


MELBIO, the organic brand driven by passion and commitment


Our Moisdon-La-Rivière mill has been a pioneer and leader of the organic nutrition sector for over fifty years. It is here that MELBIO flours are made, with rigour, passion and conviction. When you choose to work with Melbio, you...

  • Enable everyone to enjoy the benefits of organic cereals,
  • Support French organic farming and food processing,
  • Contribute to the local and cooperative economy,
  • Promote the expertise of the organic nutrition sector,
  • Protect the environment and nature for the sustainability of all,
  • Meet consumer expectations,
  • Preserve the authenticity of products.

In short, MELBIO is an excellent choice for heart and head.



All of the organic wheat produced by our cooperative is ground at the Moisdon-la-Rivière mill. Our organic certified farmers carry out agronomic monitoring to ensure the production of quality wheat with full traceability.


100% of the wheat used in MELBIO flours is French-grown and selected from the finest terroirs.

In order to provide users with well-suited and high performing flours which comply with organic farming regulations, our organic brand MELBIO is controlled and certified by the organic certification body ECOCERT®.

To allow you to be creative and offer a full offering of organic products, MELBIO has developed two ranges, featuring an extensive choice of organic flours, cereals and seeds adapted to each of your work methods and production techniques.


  • Melbio Pur’bio stoneground French Type 65
  • Melbio Pur’bio stoneground French Type 80
  • Melbio Pur’bio stoneground French Type 110
  • Melbio Pur’bio stoneground French Type 150
  • Épeautre brun Melbio
  • Épeautre complet Melbio
  • Melbio petit épeautre
  • Melbio seigle français Type 130
  • French Khorasan complet Melbio
  • French Khorasan Melbio brun 


  • Melbio Farine T65 easy’bio

  • Melbio Farine T80 easy’bio

  • Melbio Farine Complète easy’bio

  • Melbio Farine Céréales et graines  easy’bio

  • Melbio Farine Campagne easy’bio

Organic sales support included!

Melbio and Moisdon-La-Rivière will always be on hand to help you develop your organic offering.


Want to promote your commitment and organic products to customers? Use our MELBIO communications pack.

Want to enhance your organic breadmaking skills?  Take advantage of our consultant bakers.

Need advice, training or other assistance? Contact us and we’ll find the solutions together.

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