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La Soleillane is the brand that we have developed specifically for supermarket bakeries. It features a range of flours, improvers, mixes and pre-mixes designed to meet supermarket retailers’ needs and offer delicious products for customers. La Soleillane also offers experts who support you in adding value to your assortments via a local presence.

La Soleillane, a very broad range to satisfy all your needs

Our flours made with French wheat adapt to the different goals of your assortment and can be used in the different recipes you wish to offer customers.


‘creamy white’ flours designed for the production of standard breads. For the standard French baguette that comes out great every time.


A varied collection of high quality flours for a wide-range of tastes and sophisticated flavours. Delicious recipes based on customer demand.


Mixes and pre-mixes allowing you to create your own recipes and offer customers tasty breads, made in-house. Flours of constant quality that satisfy financial goals.


Organically grown flours made exclusively at our Moisdon-La-Rivière mill, in accordance with organic labelling regulations. A range that answers an increasing demand.


Developed especially for La Soleillane flours, our improvers offer numerous benefits for breadmaking, like the prevention of blistering and better elasticity for easier-to-shape dough ... making them an essential productivity booster for supermarket bakeries.

This wide array of products allows you to provide a varied bread offering to your customers, with something for every taste!

LA SOLEILLANE… Sunshine in your assortment

To help your products to stand out within the aisles, La Soleillane has created a series of effective tools and techniques.



A unique sachet collection : Sachets are customised for each type of baguette with food and bread pairing suggestions



Communications materials :
These can be adapted and customised by you

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Merchandising advice :
Our teams advise you on how to promote high-value breads

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