Our bread is much more than great bread!

La Nouvelle Agriculture® (New Agriculture) is a sector-wide trademark created and promoted by the Terrena cooperative and therefore naturally deployed by Terrena Meunerie in its flour making business. More than a brand, New Agriculture is an approach which is firmly committed to protecting nature and the well-being of people, from farmer to consumer.

100% local flours for bread that is packed with goodness!

Grown and made 100% locally

With New Agriculture, Terrena Meunerie has made strong commitments :

  • Our wheat is milled in our own mills, which are located near the farms at which it is grown and the bakers that buy our flours. This short supply chain guarantees traceability while generating good economic and environmental performance and providing a fair remuneration for our farmers.
  • Naturally hardy and more resistant wheat, thanks to the selection of seven varieties suited to our region’s soils and climate, thus reducing the number of pesticide applications.
  • Wheat is stored without insecticides; thoroughly ventilated silos offer us naturally dry storage without any insecticide..

Our farmers put it best!

« Like craft bakers, we often start work while other people are still asleep. What drives us is the possibility to have control over our work, our land and our wheat. As a cooperative organisation, we use up-to-the-minute technology, combined with centuries-old savoir-faire to produce a more flavourful local wheat grown with less chemicals and more respect for the soil that nourishes it. And when we see our wheat leave the Coop, we know that it will be properly stored, in silos without insecticide, then properly transformed at local mills, to make flour with a true local flavour. If the bread is so good, it is because we all put in a great deal of energy, enthusiasm and care, with respect for the land and the product. »

Olivier MARTIN, Farmer and wheat producer committed to the New Agriculture approach.®.

Let's find a bakery 'La Nouvelle Agriculture'

La T65

A bright and crunchy crust with an aromatic creamy white crumb.

La Tradition

A soft flavour without acidity, brought out by a creamy white and relatively airy crumb.

The Wholemeal bread

Stone milling preserves the wheat germ, which gives the bread a stickier crumb for optimum conservation.

The Wholegrain bread

The delicious smell of toasted seeds and a burst of flavour in the mouth.

La Gourmande

A characterful crust and melt-in-your-mouth crumb with toasty flavours.

The rye bread

Notes of honey and gingerbread with a tight crumb texture.

In addition to the taste qualities offered by our flours, we have developed three flours with a new mixing process that allows you to create all your recipes in a one-step mixing process. You save time and increase productivity and profitability at the same time!

Materials to promote your commitments

Promote the quality of your breads and the New Agriculture approach using communication materials created especially for you and your bakery. The sales team of your mill will help you to launch and promote the New Agriculture range all throughout the year to win more and more new customers every day.



Informative materials
to promote the "Image approach"



Attractive window stickers
to give visibility to your commitment



A sachet collection and merchandising materials
to enhance your image sales

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