Laboratoire de R&D


In our testing lab, our technicians perform breadmaking tests day in, day out, to enhance our production flow charts and develop new recipes and products. Our technicians and engineers work in association with our clients to develop the solutions that meet their needs best.

Every batch of wheat received undergoes analysis in our lab to ensure its quality and compliance with the pre-defined product specifications.

The flours that we produce are also analysed at every stage of the process to verify their physical and chemical properties. Finally, product compliance testing is systematically carried out on the flour, in our experimental bakery, before customer delivery.

Prior to production

At the cooperative’s 22-hectare experimentation station in Brain-sur-l’Authion, the Agronomy department tests and experiments with wheat varieties and the growing techniques of the future.

In 2010, 14,000 experimental micro-plots were set up to search for and identify new, more economical and ‘ecologically intensive’ type solutions.


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